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Automatically convert, activate, and monetize your product userbase.
Built for SaaS, no developers required.

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Convert your leads into power users, on autopilot

Turn leads into trials, and trials into paying subscribers

v01 comes ready to deploy automated nurturing journeys for every stage of a SaaS users' lifecycle. Just add your product details to v01 and watch conversions happen on autopilot.

Reduce Churn, Keep Customers

Automate journey’s to at risk subscribers

Don't wait for users to churn, v01 helps you keep track of users likely to churn and proactively engage with them before they leave.

Deployed in minutes, not weeks.

Unlike competitors that require extensive setup, v01 is ready to use instantly. It offers meticulously crafted automation templates covering every stage of the SaaS user journey, from lead generation to customer retention.


Setup your account

Connect your email and domain to v01 with our user-friendly setup guide.


Connect your SaaS

Integrate v01 with your SaaS platform using our simple webhooks or pre-built connectors.


Start converting

Activate our structured SaaS growth system. Instantly start converting users through every stage of the customer journey.

A complete marketing stack for SaaS startups

Personalization at scale

Use dynamic fields to personalize emails and messages for each of your customers without manual interactions.

Everything you need for SaaS growth.

From automating workflows to engaging your audience across multiple channels, v01 provides everything you need to drive your SaaS startup’s success.

Automation builder

Omnichannel inbox

Email campaigns

SMS campaigns

Ad audiences

Split testing

Dynamic content

Form builder

Email designer

User segmentation


Lead scoring

Auto attribution

Dashboards and reports

Calendar booking

Social media scheduler

Generative AI

Easy import/export

Custom integrations

and more...

Jordan James

Founder @ JJM

"We have worked with some marketing CRMs before. The biggest benefit for us has been the reduction in manual data handling. The CRM pulls everything together in one place, and the automation features have made our workflow much smoother."

Dylan Poulton

VP Marketing @ WithYouWithMe

"Honestly, first I had some concerns about migration from Hubspot to v01. The guys did a great job in guiding us through the process. In the end it only took 20 minutes since the system matched 90% of the data correctly and highlighted columns which was unsure."

Oliver Pollasky

Founder @ Mammoth Hunter Club

"I appreciate how intuitive the CRM is. It's saved us a ton of time on data entry and campaign tracking. There are some features we're hoping to see in future updates, but overall, it's been a valuable addition to our marketing toolkit."

Cameron Cortazzo

Director @ FutureFundraising

"v01 has been a real game changer for our marketing team. Integrating it with our other tools was a breeze, and the automation features have saved us so much time. It's super easy to use too."

Jack Desmond


"The best thing about v01 is how much time it saves us. Data entry and campaign tracking used to be such a hassle, but now it's all streamlined. It's made a big difference for our team."

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A Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects and unifies customer data from multiple sources to create comprehensive customer profiles, for detailed segmentation and personalized marketing. This goes beyond a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that storages customer data to manage interactions. In our CDP, you also can manage your customer interactions and relationships and structure your sales pipelines.

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